Q: Will tickets be sold at the door? If so which ones?
A: Yes, they will be sold at the door with cash or credit $15 for sat $15 for sun. $25 for the weekend. Kids 6 and under are FREE, kids 7-15 are $12. Day passes & weekend passes ONLY! All discounted sales tickets are online only.
Q: What are the hours of the show on TBA?
A: Sat. 10am-6pm (VIPs 9:30am) Sun. 10am-4pm (VIPs 9:30am)
Q: Where do I buy online tickets with discount packs or VIPs or student or military or senior or family/friends packs?
A: HERE: https://www.conventionengine.com/e/plattsburgh-comic-con-2019/tickets
Q: Weapons check?
A: Yes, at the front doors inside (just have your weapons ready, that's all that will be checked).
Q: Where is the show?
A: Crete Civic Center 2 Beach Rd. Plattsburgh, NY
Q: Is parking free?
A: Yes, in the parking lots
Q: Where are the panels?
A: Right behind the ticket booths.
Q: Do celebrities cost anything?
A: Yes, they sell autographs and pics and all prices are different for each celebrity.
Q: Cosplay contests?
A: There are two, Adults on Saturday at 4pm and Kids (16 and below) on Sunday at 2pm.
Q: Bathrooms?
A: Yes, left and right sides of the building inside.
Q: Charities I can give to?
A: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention run by the Montreal X-MEN (and yes, donate whatever you can afford).

To Cosplayers, no 'real weapons' meaning sharp edged objects made of any metals. Plastic, rubber,  fake weapons are fine, no problems there. No Nudity! Shirts off on males is fine. Scantily clad is fine (yeah that means underwear if your costume calls for it), just no nudies (Exp. Yes putting tape on your nipples pretty much nude, you'll be asked to cover up). Weapons will be checked at the door. No big rules, just follow the basic ones.